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the drowning [Jun. 22nd, 2006|11:11 pm]
Dashboard Confessional -- We're not faint of heart


The Basics:
1.</b>Name. Home. Age. Kirsten/ Boulder, Co/ 16
2.How did you find out about us? I saw a post in the DC
3.Favorite Movie, TV Show, Ice Cream Flavor: waking life/
rescue me/ mint chocolate chip
3.Favorite & Least Favorite Dashboard Songs: i have
waaaay too many favorites. probably my least favorite is don't wait or
vindicated. i prefer the acoustic stuff
4.Favorite Non-Dashboard Song(s): "hands on deck" by
waking ashland and "ha ha" by mates of state... but these change a lot
5.Favorite Non-Dashboard Band(s): the format. cute is
what we aim for, october fall, and squirrel nut zippers

Your History:
6.When did you first get into Dashboard Confessional?
when i was 12
7.Tell us a story about how you found the first song you
heard from Dashboard Confessional. my sister always used to play the
"places" album in the car when i was with her. the first song i really listen
hard to was "best deceptions" and of course i fell in love
8.Please share your best concert experinece: well, i am
lame and i have only been to one, when he came around on the civic tour.
i think my favorite part of that was when he played "places" and
"remember to breathe" those were my two favorite songs at the time.

Common Knowledge:
9.When refering to Dashboard Confessional, have you ever
created a sweet nickname pertaining to the band.
haha i used to call my
ex boyfriend my dashBOY confessional...
10.When talking about Dashboard Confessional do you use 'he'
or 'they'? Discuss. [There is no wrong answer.]
I tend to use 'he'
since it started out as just Chris and his guitar. He writes all the
songs, everything is his emotion and his experiences.
11.Like tattoos? love 'em
12.How about the other guys/gal? Got any favs? nope.. i'm
pretty chris oriented
13.Promise to bring some laughs and some elite-ish-ness to
the fan club?
of course!
14.And finally, what is one question about the band, the man,
or your future in the community do you have?
if you could go back
and do everything over again, would change anything? i think it'd be
interesting to find out how he really feels about what he's done with his

[User Picture]From: scrumpt10us
2006-06-23 05:16 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry my HTML is all messed up. I honestly keep trying to check and make sure everything is all set, but it keeps on not being so great. FRUSTRATION.

Anyway, accepted!
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