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Dashboard Confessional -- We're not faint of heart

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Join to Read. Read to Join. [Jun. 22nd, 2010|12:00 am]
Dashboard Confessional -- We're not faint of heart



Hello to anyone who's reading. This is a community for Dashboard Confessional Fans. The die hards, the
kids who sing along to everysong and any song, even when we don't quite know the words. We are the ones who have been to numerous shows or at least have watched our UnPlugged DVD enough times to remember that one really annoying girl... We wear our hearts on our sleeves and appreicate everything that Dashboard Confessional has done for us.

If this sounds like a community that you could appreciate, check out the userinfo and find out what to do. We'll be glad to check you out.

For now, I'm the only mod. I'm looking for a few more people to be mods and really get this community started!

I also need someone who wouldn't mind doing some layout/HTML/graphics... if you're interested, please reply to this post.

This is a really primative community, it needs to be built up and loved and what better time than to get all of the die hards in right before the next tour!? It will be awesome.

This will be a voting community. There will be an application, voting, mods, etc. Only the best need apply. But this early in the game, I bet just about anyone will do.

Please leave comments with any questions.